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  • Electronic Music of Tyler Ichiban

    Posted on May 2nd, 2009 phpguru 3 comments


    If you like electronic music as I do, you might enjoy Tyler Ichiban aka Tyler Walker. Tyler Walker is an electronic musician based in NYC. His music has to qualify as Intelligent Dance Music or IDM. It’s unique and has a kind of video game feel to it, especially Freeze Tag, but very melodic, uncomplicated and inspired.

    I haven’t heard a funky klav song in a very long time as cool as Officer Paton, and I also liked Curious Applicant. That song reminds me of the music in the movie American Pie.

    The song Officer Paton was featured in the independent video Improve Everywhere: No Pants Subway Ride 2009. , and another of Tyler’s songs was featured in the Improve Everywhere: Human Mirror video.


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    • Hi bro, there is a sketch I did sometime ago, nowadays I am not making music at all but I thought maybe can let u here. tell me if u r interested.

    • Great website, happy to find it. I will check back later. My favorite song now is Rivers of Babylon by Patrascano. [edited by admin]

    • Eric, did you listen to my tracks? DJG Cosmic Expansion… love to hear what you think.

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