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  • Tosca No Hassle

    Posted on May 4th, 2009 phpguru No comments
    tosca-no-hassleSlow down. Relax. Take a deep breath. Steal back an hour from your busy life. This is really worth your full attention. 

    So the info page opens on the microsite for the new release album No Hassle by Tosca. The Austrian duo of Richard Dorfmesiter and Rupert Huber are “back with their most magical and mesmerizing album yet, a luxurious tapestry of analogue and digital sounds, submerged samples, live instruments, soundscapes and sensual rhythms,” - Steven Dalton  

    In the interview video on the microsite, Dorfmeister says, “It was a really nice experience at the first concert. We didn’t use a normal P.A. with, you know, left and right. We didn’t do the whole left-right thing. We had six speakers on the first floor, and two more upstairs. It was crucial, because you can do so many things that nobody’s used to.  So we had 8 channels to mix sounds with. We looked for special locations. Churches are perfect, because the feeling of the room is like an instrument. Churches have a feeling. A feeling 10 times deeper than any club situation that we’re normally used to. It’s more like a concert, in which to invest 1 hour of your attention, more like an ‘audio massage’.”

    “We didn’t do any of it on purpose. It’s just our sounds. We love this merging of different things from anywhere. If you can explain the way we do it, then like this. We’ve been reducing all the time, to try to get rid of things. We really tried to keep it as minimal as possible. We have much more material, but we’re choosing the stuff that off from the sound. Unpretentious. We’re not trying to be different, we just like it this way. it’s perfectly uncommercial, but this is just how we like it.”

    Dorfmeister: “This is what everyone wants but what nobody has: no hassle. We just want no hassle. Not too much of anything. A good balance. Feel right music, without boringness.” 

    Huber: “I think it’s a human right not to have to deal with reality all the time.”

    Your job? Forget about it. Things to do? Ignore it. Put the crackberry down. Just take an hour and chill out to the most unique and original ambient electronic album to come out in a very long time, and certainly one of the best for 2009.

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