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  • enter the dreamgate

    Posted on May 7th, 2009 phpguru No comments


    Independent Comic Book Authors Redefine Comic Book Heroes On Their Own Terms

    One of my best friends, William, and his roommate, Alex, have officially finished their own graphic novel and have recently made it available online. The artwork is killer and the story is surprisingly original and quite funny. Countless hours of inspired creativitity and collaboration went into the making of the e-book.

    The Dreamgate is a Sci-fi super-powered adventure involving seven main characters. Our heroes had been Programmed to be soldiers fighting Silent Wars for the Government. During a battle they shared an experience with a mystical portal called THE DREAMGATE and awaken from the nightmare that they’d been living.

    What do you do when you realize the truth and decide to stop fighting? Try to stay awake and assist others.

    Embark with our heroes on the first chapter in their new journey together. Experience the action, humor and adventure that happens as seven AWOL, super-powered, pseudo-enlightened friends try to fit into society, thwart injustice, and take on their biggest challenge of all: running an Intergalactic Travel Agency together.”

    You won’t find a more unique and entertaining piece of fiction for $3 anywhere.

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