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  • Help Say No To Obama Care

    Posted on July 16th, 2009 phpguru No comments

    I’ve been quiet lately. This is at least, in part, due to the daily onslaught of news which seems even more absurd than that from the last day.

    As if the passage of the 1000+ page quote-on-quote Economic Stimulus package bill wasn’t enough, as if all the bailouts weren’t enough, ObamaCare certainly is firmly in the top position of the most absurd things our government has done or is trying to do.

    Investors Business Daily says It’s Not an Option.

    Just one look at the Organizational Chart of the House Demograts Health Care Plan should leave you extremely confused.

    Please call your congressman and urge them not to support ObamaCare. This is the kind of change we DON’T need.

    Instead, check out John Shadegg’s market-based plan

    And here’s another idea… if lawmakers are so convinced socializing American medicine is the way to go, why not force THEM to be on the plan FIRST? That’s exactly what HR615 proposes. I urge you to Call Your Congressman and Contact Elected Officials to tell them NOBAMACARE!

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