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  • Obama Spending My Money on AdWords

    Posted on September 4th, 2009 phpguru No comments

    Nearly all Republicans, and many Democrats have realized that the present administration is spending as much of your money as fast as they possibly can.

    If multi-billion dollar stimulus packages, cash for clunkers and Obamacare weren’t enough, now the Whitehouse is spending money on a Google AdWords campaign too!

    Here’s an ad from Google Syndication that appeared in my Gmail today (Don’t click on the link, please! Just hover and look at the status bar).

    Official Obama Website www.BarackObama.com - Barack Obama Needs Your Help to Change Washington. Sign Up Today!

    Can you believe the audacity? And not of hope, either. The Spender-In-Chief is now hoping to reach consumers who have Internet access, who use Google, but don’t know how to find the guy’s website? I mean, come on! Campaign’s over, bro. You already got elected. I know how to find your site and donate to your cause. I do it every day. It says so on my paycheck stub.

    I hate to keep sounding pessimistic but our debt is now over $11 Trillion Dollars, $500M in interest payments per day, Mr. President.

    Put your AdWords on pause, Mr. President, please!

    And while you’re putting things on pause, how about pausing the spending of my money and the socialization of America?