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  • Developing Websites Using Mac OS X Snow Leopard

    Posted on November 3rd, 2009 phpguru 2 comments

    The latest Mac update, Snow Leopard, comes with pre-bundled with Apache 2.2, and PHP 5.3.

    Here’s what I did to enable it and start making websites.

    1. Turning on Apache
      To do this go to System Preferences -> click the checkbox by Web Sharing
    2. To check your Apache install
      You might like this post about how to create a quick document for testing.
    3. Editing Apache Virtual Hosts
      Paul Kukiel shares how to
    4. Turning on PHP
    5. Loading MySQL
      Before you rebuild MySQL, double check your processor speed. If you upgraded to Snow Leopard from an older install on an older PPC or Intel Mac, be sure to know which processor type you need to build MySQL for. These instructions are for my Generation 5 Macbook Pro, not one of the brand new 64-bit models. Download the installer from MySQL.com. Then follow this post that shows how to build MySQL from source.
    6. Loading phpMyAdmin
    7. Using Terminal

    I found this post useful. Here is another similar post.


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    • Have you even thought of putting some video clips to your web page blogposts so that you can keep the readers alot more ideas? I just mean I only see through the entire post of yours and also the idea is fairly quality though due to the fact that I’m just a picture learner

    • Yes, I need to spend more time making screenshots and screencasts. If only there were more time!

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