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  • Adobe Pushes Flash, PDF to US Government

    Posted on November 6th, 2009 phpguru No comments

    The article about the security vulnerabilities of Adobe Shockwave on Slashdot also posted this, linking to an Ars Technica post about how Adobe is peddling Flash & PDF technology to Uncle Sam. Trouble is, what if you don’t want to install Flash or Acrobat Reader?

    Do you really want to be forced to install Adobe software on your computer in order to access certain government forms and information?

    What if you’re blind, or still use DOS? What if you wanted to access a government form on your phone? Please government, use open standards like Text, XML, XHTML & CSS for various devices, screen readers and easy & fast searchability.

    I admit that I’ve used many interactive forms in the PDF format, always to send the mercenaries more of my hard-earned money.

    So my plea is this: Washington, please! Stop making us all fill out so many damn forms and stick to open, accessible standards, please!

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