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  • How to Bathe A Pug Puppy in 8 Haikus

    Posted on January 23rd, 2010 phpguru 3 comments

    Pug Puppy Photo


    Pugs are great, but smell.
    Oh, Saturday. Pug’s Bath day.
    Hmm, which should go first?

    Pug Puppy Photo


    Fill sink with water.
    Should be warm, but not too hot.
    Don’t want to scald them.

    Pug Puppy Photo


    Buy a Pug shampoo.
    All-purpose pet cleaning goo.
    “For All Dogs” – Pugs too.

    Pug Puppy Photo


    Okay, it’s bath time.
    Daisy looks eager to go.
    Duke can go second.

    Pug Puppy Photo


    Very Important.
    Clear the area of stuff.
    Fewer distractions.

    Pug Puppy Photo


    Meek Pug tries water.
    She shivers at first, but then,
    slowly trusts you’ll be quick.

    Pug Puppy Photo


    Lather, rinse, repeat.
    Don’t make a big fuss, gently.
    Dab little Pug dry.

    Pug Puppy Photo


    Put outside to dry.
    Warm sunny spot would be nice.
    Try Arizona.


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    • Your babies Daisy and Duke are too cute!
      All my best to both of you.

    • Your pugs are adorable with such expressive faces. I haven’t read haikus since I was a kid. Your dogs are about to be seen in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. I hope that provides you some good information.

    • Adorable pups. Do you want to come to Texas to bathe our three greyhounds?

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