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  • Apple opens up iPhone a bit and Adobe surges?

    Posted on September 9th, 2010 phpguru No comments

    Wired is reporting that Apple revised how it regulates iPhone app code. Mostly good news: “opening up” obviously a hint at the open source software movement.

    So Adobe stock surges? Good lord.

    Ok people, Flash is not open source, Adobe’s as big of a monopoly as Apple, and Apple is not opening up to Flash content… not for iPad or iTouch, either.

    In many ways this stinks, because a lot of really cool content on the web is made using Flash, and a lot of great multimedia content that exists in Flash format isn’t going to run on Apple’s devices anytime soon (most likely.) If Apple were to make a surprise announcement to allow Flash content, even more people would buy iPhones, iPads or iTouches if they could run Flash games and cool websites on them, which would make Apple stock surge. Ironic how that works, isn’t it?

    I kind of agree with Jobs though, Adobe blows. Most of their software is as bloated, overpriced and buggy as Microsoft’s. And there’s nothing more annoying as a web developer when you have a potential client who wants you to update their website, but it’s all done in Flash.

    Good luck getting all the source files to edit it!

    For that reason alone, I hate Flash.

    But is Flash content doomed never to run on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? Maybe not. Mac Rumors reported yesterday that Adobe is resuming work on their Flash-to-iPhone exporter. Apparently some Flash apps created with this method have already been approved by Apple.

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