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  • Why Twitter is Cool

    Posted on September 26th, 2010 phpguru No comments

    Check out this email I just received.

    Karl Rove is now following me on Twitter

    Karl Rove is now following me on Twitter

    It was funny – I saw this when I checked my email this morning and exclaimed,

    Hey, Karl Rove is following me on Twitter!

    My wife said,

    Who’s Karl Rove?

    We were just stepping into the local Starbucks. I glanced on the cover of the New York Times, and Karl Rove was featured in the first line of a front page story. I nudged my wife, pointed and said,

    See? Look, Karl Rove.

    The New York Times article summarizes Mr. Rove’s career, and also hints as to why he’s been more in the news lately:

    Already a prominent presence as an analyst on Fox News Channel and a columnist at The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Rove is also playing a leading role in building what amounts to a shadow Republican Party, a network of donors and operatives that is among the most aggressive in the Republican effort to capture control of the House and the Senate.

    Democrats were happy when Mr. Rove left the White House in 2007 and don’t appear to be too thrilled about his return to the public eye.

    Anytime Democrats are not happy about something… that’s good news for Republicans, business owners, everyday Americans and the middle class. Great news.

    Anyway, that’s why Twitter is cool. Instantly connect to the world… you care about.┬áI’m directly connected to the the shapers of This Great Country we love so dearly. This got me thinking,

    I better step up my game, now that Karl Rove is watching me.

    Once someone I respect is paying attention, I want to straighten up, stand tall, and look and perform my best; live up to my ideal; project excellence with honor.

    Ironically, this is exactly what Karl Rove does (and a few others, Beck, Hannity, Ingraham, O’reilly, Broomhead) to the Liberal establishment. Once these guys aim their discerning eyes at you and speak the truth, the laser-focused exposure on the ridiculous behavior we are getting from these insane Dems in power makes them realize they have to clean up their act, stand up straight and improve their game. Bigtime.

    As more truth is revealed about ObamaCare, the Stimulus, and the Dems socialist globalist agenda, The People are wising up, and Dems are all realizing that their days are numbered. And no, they don’t like it one bit.

    Keep it up, Karl!

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