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  • Are Libelous Liberals at Google Slandering Michael Savage Trickle Up Poverty?

    Posted on November 1st, 2010 phpguru No comments

    I am a bit furious right now. We know Google has scammed Uncle Sam (and thus, every American) out of some $60 billion in taxes over the past few years. We, in the internet marketing business, are also quite familiar with the fact that Google routinely censors ads it doesn’t like, even threatening to cancel your Google account. This can effectively ruin, or at least greatly hinder, a company’s online marketing campaign.

    So, woe be unto you if Google doesn’t particularly care for your type of business. With their two-thirds marketshare, Google has a long list of vague things they don’t allow you to advertise, but inconsistent application of their policies often result in plenty of ads and sites (often your deep pocketed competitor’s) making it into the listings.

    Well, it appears that Google may be up to some more sinister tricks here.

    I just looked up Michael Savage’s new book, “Trickle Up Poverty,” on Google Books.

    I find not one, but two links for the book there. Neither of them contain a preview.

    To my horror, the top search result contains what appears to be a slanderously edited cover image including a hammer and sickle.

    Did an early or foreign release of Trickle Up Poverty contain a hammer & sickle on the cover? Or does Google want it to appear as though Michael Savage is a communist?

    I am extremely interested in knowing why an erroneous, inflamatory cover image of Trickle Up Poverty would be the number one link on Google Books when searching for the title. I just purchased Trickle Up Poverty at the San Jose airport Hudson News over the weekend. It was on the “Hudson News Recommends” table. Trickle Up Poverty is also #3 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

    But it has no communist symbolism on it anywhere. Quite the contrary. The second cover image is the actual design of the book that I am glad I bought. I am hopeful that someone from Europe or Asia will comment and confirm that the hammer and sickle design is, in fact, a legitimate or early release version in non-U.S. markets.

    How is the book? AXcess News rates it 5 out of 5 stars, and the Dakota Voice calls it “essential reading.” Another reviewer agrees,

    “If you buy ONE book this year, make it Trickle Up Poverty.”

    My own review is forthcoming. I’m only a few chapters into it and already feel like I’ve been asleep for the last two years. Most reviews award from one to five stars. To quote Spinal Tap,

    “This one goes to eleven!”

    On page after page, Savage gives us wake-up call after wake-up call, with more proof than a CSI murder trial. On average, Savage provides over 50 footnotes per chapter, giving avid fans and protesters alike, the research, articles, interviews and actual transcripts of Obama and his Czars from the past several years, on which the book is based.

    In case the rats over at Google Books change their results on link above, I’m attaching proof below. This is an un-altered screenshot taken Nov. 1, 2010 at 7:55pm MST.

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