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  • Get MySQL Certified For Just Under Four Grand

    Posted on November 15th, 2010 phpguru No comments

    Oracle just sent me an email with a “soft offer” to get 20% off MySQL Certification. I’m using GMail in Safari. I click to see the pricing.┬áThe click-through sent me to this page.

    The page requires you to pick your country, and then breaks. Second time, I get an error message: The packages couldn’t be received. Third time it worked.

    Normally, $4,635 – act fast and get MySQL Certified for only $3,708.

    So let me see if I understand this correctly… in a down economy, when the average guy is just lucky to have food on the table… I can pay just under four thousand dollars to be certified to use a free database? Hmmm. I’ve never been asked by any employer for such a certification.

    I think I’d rather eat this month.

    Great email campaign though – generated three clicks. D’OH! Fail.

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