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  • Kyl Blocks New START, But Just Long Enough To Actually Read It

    Posted on November 20th, 2010 phpguru No comments

    Liberals are notorious for reacting with emotion from the moral high ground. Conservatives, on the other hand, tend to be more logical in their approach. This is a frequent topic on talk radio. The onslaught of hatred and virility in the blogosphere directed at Jon Kyl (R-AZ) is a prime example. The Arizona Senator recently decided to withdraw his support for the START treaty Obama signed with Russia back in April, which means that it may not be ratified during the lame duck session. With a Republican congress heading to D.C. in January, it also means that there’s a chance New START might never be ratified. Editor: It most likely will, just not during the Lame Duck session.

    Now, I think we can all agree that the world has too many nuclear bombs. But contrary to an overwhelming amount of negative criticism from all the Left and even some of the right, if you dig deep enough into the story, you’ll find that Mr. Kyl is simply pointing out the lack of some wording in the documents, and recommending more time to discuss it. It’s not that he wants to play a game of global thermonuclear war. Nothing could be more preposterous, yet the hype from the left about it being `a threat to national security if we do not ratify START immediately` is just rubbish. Nobody’s going to press a button. At least, nobody who signed the START. Some whack-job in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Pakistan… maybe, but not USA or Russia. START is just between USA & Russia. And who’s to say that we can’t make it even better by analyzing what its terms are for just a moment?

    If there’s one thing I wish for, it’s that the Democrats would start reading the legislation they’re so haste to sign, start thinking logically for a change. We don’t send you to Washington to pass as many laws as possible. It’s not a race, and it’s not about quantity. You don’t get more points for adding more laws, particularly ones you haven’t read, like the Obamacare bill, Ms. Pelosi.

    I just sent Mr. Kyl the following letter.

    Mr. Kyl,

    You have a fan in Tempe, AZ. It takes a huge amount of confidence to stand up to the President, everyone on the Left, many folks on the Right, and most of the world, to make the decision you did vis a vis ratifying the Start treaty.

    Even though at face value I can understand how a Democrat can read a headline like, `Kyl (R) blocks Russian Nuke Treaty` and gasp in horror, I commend you for forcing the document to be analyzed with more scrutiny.

    Contrary to Obama’s and Biden’s statements that not signing immediately would `jeopardize national security` [1] [2] I think anyone who is intellectually honest would agree that no red buttons are going to be pushed any time soon and it makes perfect sense to make sure all parts of the treaty make sense before ratifying it.

    It was very refreshing to hear that a Senator, one of our two great Arizona Senators, took a stand to pause long enough to simply read, analyze and discuss something that is so important to our National Security. Particularly, your actions are duly noted, given such behavior as the recent Democrat push to sign Obamacare into law without a shred of discussion. Didn’t Pelosi declare that “we have to sign this bill so we can find out what’s in it?” Thank you for not doing that with START!

    Furthermore, if Obama and Biden really cared about our national security, they wouldn’t be pulling national guard troops away from the Texas border, and they would’ve answered Arizona’s plea for more help on ours.

    I wanted to let you know that just now, even typically-left Arizona Republic is catching on to the bigger picture [3], is backing you up, and at least trying to set the record straight a little bit.

    Thank you, sir, for making a tough decision and sticking to it, even though a bunch of liberals are screaming at you. I’m proud to be represented in Washington D.C. by you.


    Salient Digital
    Web Developer, Photographer, Pug Owner
    Tempe, AZ


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