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  • Laser Projection Keyboard for iPad, Mobile Devices a Cruel Hoax?

    Posted on May 10th, 2011 phpguru 2 comments

    If you’re looking for a projection keyboard that uses a laser to project an image of a keyboard onto any flat surface, I was too, so I did some digging. Below are my (disappointing) findings.

    Here’s a YouTube video from CES.

    One of the comments on the YouTube page for this video says, in part,

    This is yet an unproven technology. It has no corrective Artificial Intelligence to correct your mistakes as you type. Try the´╗┐ Cellulon keyboard and you will find it frustrating to type, unusable and seriously flawed. You will end up writting garble after garble. They seriously need to work on a fix. Don’t buy this overpriced fail of keyboard.

    Dang it! What a cool concept. Maybe it was too good to be true. These devices appear to be mysteriously unavailable. In fact, most of the information is from 2008-2010. Why is it that nobody appears to be selling the coolest thing ever? Maybe it’s a bunch of hype or they went back to the drawing board to get the concept working better.

    Think Geek says

    Out of stock ( no ETA available )

    This random site looks too cheesy to buy from.

    The Celluon Laserkey CL800BT on Amazon says

    Currently unavailable.
    We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.

    Google has a few stores listed, but at $2,500+? Hmm, now this is just strange.

    Does anyone have one of these devices?

    Are these cruel hoaxes from some April 1 news release or are newer, better models coming out soon to an Android, iPhone, iPad or your favorite 4G Tablet coming out any time soon?

    I think someone needs to get to the bottom of this.


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    • I have a Celluon CL850 Laser Projection Keyboard.

      I have to say, if you are going to be typing extensive letters etc, then this isn’t for you. If you want a keyboard and mouse that is portable and has plain show off factor, then grab one.

      I can type reasonably well with mine. Switch to track pad mode and it is a reasonably effective mouse as well, but would only be handy as a spare or in cases where you really have no desk space to spare and want something to switch on and off at will, with no touch typing requirements etc.

      All in all it was pretty much what I expected, and I am relatively happy with it….

    • Thanks for the feedback, Lee. I guess my point of the post was that the technology seems to blow up online around CES 2010 and then all the hype dies. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if any bigger companies (eg Apple, Motorola, Samsung, LG) snatch it up and devote the kind of R&D to it that would make it a viable alternative to an actual keyboard.

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