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  • How to see previously viewed ads on Facebook

    Posted on July 23rd, 2011 phpguru No comments

    Here’s the scenario… you were surfing on Facebook, you saw an ad, you clicked on it, saw the coolest site and forgot to bookmark it to check out later, and now you can’t find it again. Searching on Google doesn’t help. So where is the ad you saw before so you can click on it again?

    Facebook Advertising is highly targeted to your likes and interests, and millions of really terrific businesses and organizations run ads on Facebook for that reason, so why doesn’t Facebook make it easier to find ads that Facebook thinks you may like?

    The Facebook AdBoard actually shows you the ads you have seen before*, ads you liked, and you can see if any of your friends liked them, too. You can also see Facebook Sponsored Stories. What a great way for businesses to get involved with their fans! Too bad they’re so buried in an impossible-to-find link.

    There is no information about how to do this that I could find in the Facebook Help files, so I wanted to keep this info posted somewhere I could find it again.

    Thanks to this Question and Answer on Yahoo! I found where you can go to see the Facebook Ads that have been shown to you before.

    Login to Facebook and then visit Facebook Ads Adboard to see the ads that you may have seen recently.


    * You just may not remember having seen it, but it was counted as an impression on the Facebook Advertising platform. Still not finding your previously viewed ads after visiting the AdBoard? You may be able to find the ad by viewing the files in your browser cache too.


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