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  • How to Add Products to your Home Page in Magento

    Posted on August 28th, 2011 phpguru No comments

    In just 10 easy steps!

    Here are the steps:
    1. Download Magento and get it set up and running on your local box or web hosting account. I wrote about that before.
    2. Login to the backend in one browser tab, and load up your frontend in a new window.
    3. Turn off caching on the System -> Configuration screen.
    4. Configure your default store, or copy the default theme (or better yet, follow this tutorial to create a new Magento theme as your_interface/your_theme)
    5. Go to  System -> Manage Stores -> Website, Store, Store Layout and create one, point it to your_interface/your_theme
    6. Configure at least one Category and activate it.
    7. Configure at least one Product, assign it to the active category, and set it to enabled. Add Inventory of more than zero, and change Out of Stock to In Stock on the product editor.
    8. Assign the product to a website by checking the product on the Manage Products list and choosing Update Attributes in the upper right-hand corner. On the Manage Product -> Update Attributes screen is a right-hand tab that says “Website”. Choose that and check the store(s) you created in step 2 to assign the product to the website.
    9. Edit your Home Page content to have the following code, where 2 is Category ID shown on the Manage Categories -> Edit Category page.
    10. Go back to the Home Page browser tab and hit refresh (option refresh to force reload, in some browsers, or to be sure, clear your browser cache first).

    If this isn’t very clear, please watch this great screencast by Scott W on Vimeo. ¬†In less than 10 minutes it will all be clear.


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