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  • Epson Printer Driver Update is 922 MB?

    Posted on May 14th, 2012 phpguru No comments

    I just got a new MacBook Pro with Lion installed, and I love it. I used the Setup Assistant (very similar to Migration Assistant) to transfer my account from my old MacBook Pro to my new one. The process was wonderfully simple, seamless and successfully transferred 99.99% of my files, documents, applications and settings.

    After running Software Update to check for the latest system and software updates, I am told I need to download the Epson Printer Driver software update… for a whopping 922 mb!

    Seriously, Epson? Sure, I have a fast connection, but not everyone does yet. Forcing your users to download a gigabyte of software when we own at most, one or maybe two of your printers? Why must I keep drivers for every printer you ever made on my computer? That’s just insane.

    Your printers are pretty decent but your programmers are seriously lazy.

    Here’s another way we end up paying more for everything.

    The more printers Epson makes, the more code they stuff into their bloated driver download. The more we download, the more our ISP’s incrementally charge us for bandwidth.

    It’s a printer for gosh sakes. Didn’t printer drivers used to fit on a floppy?

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