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  • How Things Work and Why They Don’t

    Posted on July 17th, 2012 phpguru No comments

    In case you’re confused about the 2012 election coming up, let me put things into perspective for you with a simple example.

    Business owner Bill, together with employees Phil & Jill together earn $100.

    Obama takes $40 of it, then borrows $40 from China, giving him $80 to work with. So he hires Fran for $50 to do a $25 job, and Stan for $25 to do a $15 job. With the $5 he has left, he buys a burger, fries and a coke.

    With the $20 he collects in taxes from Fran & Stan’s paychecks, he buys a pack of smokes for $5 and puts $5 gas in the black SUV so he and his wife and kids can take in a $5 round of golf. He makes Biden caddy for free, and Michelle and the girls order the groundskeepers to plant tomatoes in all the sand traps.

    Afterwards, Obama spends the last $5 on some ice cream for the girls and takes a media opportunity to tell the folks they shouldn’t driving gas guzzlers, but instead, looking for alternative energy solutions. Biden comes out of restroom with toilet paper stuck to his shoe and says, “Yeah, and global warming, too.”

    Michelle tells the press her mission is to prevent bad parents from feeding their kids things like burgers, fries, coke and ice cream.

    After sending $40 to the IRS, Bill, Phil, and Jill have $60 left. Bill takes $30, donates $10 to charity, leaving him with $20 of which he spends $10 on prescription drugs. He puts $5 in his kids college education fund, leaving him with $5.

    Phil keeps $5 after giving $5 to his church and putting $10 gas in his car to drive 35 miles to his 2nd job.

    Jill, a single mom who’s husband is deployed to Afghanistan, has $1 left after spending $5 on groceries for their 5 kids and paying $4 against her student loan for a degree in a field that isn’t currently hiring.

    Obama’s campaign is based on explaining how he has created jobs for Fran & Stan, and how it’s Bill and Phil, those upper income earners, who should be paying their fare share. After all, Bill didn’t build that business, and Phil should spread the wealth around a little.