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  • Why Michelle Obama Gets Twice as Many Tweets as Mitt Romney

    Posted on September 4th, 2012 phpguru No comments

    Politico just reported that according to Twitter, the maximum TPS (Tweets Per Second) during Michelle Obama’s DNC2012 speech peaked over 28,000 while during Mitt Romney’s speech last week, that same metric was half, peaking around 14,000 TPS.

    Here’s why: Republicans following Mitt Romney are more likely to be a little older, a little wiser, hard-working business folks in middle America with way too many things to do, and far less spare time. More importantly, the average Elephant is paying very close attention, intently listening to the content of what is being said, sorting fact from fiction. More Republicans simply don’t have as much time to futz around with the latest tech gadget or time-sucks like Twitter or Facebook. Also, to be GOP is to show respect for free speech, even if we vehemently disagree. We know millions of our forefathers died to protect the Dem’s right to bloviate, and we’ll show you we’re respectful by listening, and not fiddling with our smart phones, while you dig your own grave this November.

    By contrast, the average Democrat is more likely to be be younger, more frivolous and more concerned with and interested in celebrities and the Hollywood culture than Politics. Donkeys are more likely to take advantage of ample leisure time, often at work when the boss isn’t paying attention, to learn the ins and outs of a successful tweet, and how to find the next trending video on YouTube. Us eager voters only hear every third or fourth word of the speech, because we’d rather be updating our Facebook status about the glitz and glamor than actually pay attention to what is being said. We know what’s being said already. We learned everything we need to know about Obama in 2008. We believe Obama just needs more time to fix everything. In the end, it’s about being a good person and doing what’s right, even if it means we have to rewrite parts of The Constitution.

    Disagree? John Stossel found American poor are the most wealthy poor the world has ever seen. More than 80% of poor people aren’t actually poor: they have HDTVs, Video Game consoles, smart phones, you name it. Fact check that.

    There you go, perfectly explained. Any questions?