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  • How to Fix no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH on Mac OS X Lion

    Posted on May 16th, 2012 phpguru 2 comments

    If you have a need to compile Memcache or wget on Mac OS X Lion and are wondering why you are getting the error

    no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH

    on Mac OS X Lion, you’re not alone.

    Thanks to this post, I was able to fix my problem. Here are the steps.

    1. Run App Store
    2. Search for Xcode – it’s a free install from Apple
    3. Wait for awhile. Took 30min to download for me on a 20mbps connection
    4. Authenticate and let Xcode install. Once Xcode is installed you may be thinking you’re done. You would be wrong!
    5. Launch Xcode and run the mobile toolkit update (you can’t skip it, deal with it)
    6. Go to Xcode Preferences or press ⌘, (Command-comma)
    7. Click the Downloads tab -> Components list as shown below
      How To Fix C compiler error on Mac OS X Lion
    8. On the last row of the available downloads are the Command Line tools. Install them.

    You should be good to go after that!

  • How to use Setup Assistant to migrate to a new Mac

    Posted on May 15th, 2012 phpguru No comments

    I told you in a recent rant on this blog that I bought myself a new MacBook Pro.

    It truly is a glorious computer; perhaps the best laptop on the planet. It’s blazing fast, ultra quiet, and it’s built like a Sherman tank, but is as sexy as a Ferrari. With Unix under the hood, Apache, PHP and MySQL preinstalled, it’s a web developer’s dream machine.

    I always look forward to setting up a new computer for the first time, but instead of starting from scratch as is my normal approach, this time, I decided to use Apple’s built-in Migration Assistant.

    How to use Migration Assistant to transfer files from another Mac is the name of KB article HT4413 at Apple.com. If you’ve already created your account on your Mac for the first time, but want to migrate a profile (your user account, applications and files) from a different machine or Time Machine backup, using Migration Assistant is the way to go.

    But if you already created your login on your new Mac, read carefully:

    Important info not obvious on Apple’s KB article

    Using Migration Assistant, your old files will be copied to a new, alternate, secondary profile on your new Mac. In other words, if you logged in as ghoffman on your old Mac, and you already created a fresh, new profile ghoffman on your new Mac, you can’t use Migration assistant to get old ghoffman copied into new ghoffman. You can use Migration Assistant to restore ghoffman (old) to ghoffman2 or ghoffmanNEW or any other alternate named profile, just not the one you probably want.

    If you have not yet created your user account on your new computer, or if you are willing to format your Mac and restore it to factory default settings, there is a little-known startup configuration mode when you first boot Mac OS X. It’s called Setup Assistant.

    The first time you start up a new Mac, on one of the very first screens, even before entering your name for creating your account, you have the option of using Setup Assistant, which may be better named First-run Migration Assistant.

    Using Setup Assistant at first-run is by far the fastest way to get going on a new Mac. I was extremely impressed at how simple and complete it was. Just like Migration Assistant, you have a several options as far as the source and transfer method, including using your other computer (as a disk in target mode) or from a Time Machine backup. I chose to use my Time Machine backup over FireWire 800. Other transfer options include USB, Ethernet and Wi-fi.

    I was able to restore my Mac OS X Snow Leopard account on a 250GB MacBook Pro 17″ (Aug 2008) onto a new i7 processor 750GB MacBook Pro 17″ running Lion, in about 2 hours. Over 200 GB of data were restored, including my login username and password, all my keychain files, every document, every application – even Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, iTunes, iPhoto – everything! Even my ~/Sites folder for web development, with all my local MySQL databases, were perfectly restored.

    I’ve really got to hand it to you, Apple. Not only is this laptop amazing hardware, but your software is extremely good, too.

    Now I just need a new iPhone. And an iPad.


  • New Apple Device – Kevin Nealon LOL

    Posted on September 9th, 2010 phpguru No comments
    New Apple Device? I don't think so. Funny Kevin Nealon joke on Twitter

    New Apple Device? I don’t think so. Funny Kevin Nealon joke on Twitter

  • Apple opens up iPhone a bit and Adobe surges?

    Posted on September 9th, 2010 phpguru No comments

    Wired is reporting that Apple revised how it regulates iPhone app code. Mostly good news: “opening up” obviously a hint at the open source software movement.

    So Adobe stock surges? Good lord.

    Ok people, Flash is not open source, Adobe’s as big of a monopoly as Apple, and Apple is not opening up to Flash content… not for iPad or iTouch, either.

    In many ways this stinks, because a lot of really cool content on the web is made using Flash, and a lot of great multimedia content that exists in Flash format isn’t going to run on Apple’s devices anytime soon (most likely.) If Apple were to make a surprise announcement to allow Flash content, even more people would buy iPhones, iPads or iTouches if they could run Flash games and cool websites on them, which would make Apple stock surge. Ironic how that works, isn’t it?

    I kind of agree with Jobs though, Adobe blows. Most of their software is as bloated, overpriced and buggy as Microsoft’s. And there’s nothing more annoying as a web developer when you have a potential client who wants you to update their website, but it’s all done in Flash.

    Good luck getting all the source files to edit it!

    For that reason alone, I hate Flash.

    But is Flash content doomed never to run on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? Maybe not. Mac Rumors reported yesterday that Adobe is resuming work on their Flash-to-iPhone exporter. Apparently some Flash apps created with this method have already been approved by Apple.

  • Developing Websites Using Mac OS X Snow Leopard

    Posted on November 3rd, 2009 phpguru 2 comments

    The latest Mac update, Snow Leopard, comes with pre-bundled with Apache 2.2, and PHP 5.3.

    Here’s what I did to enable it and start making websites.

    1. Turning on Apache
      To do this go to System Preferences -> click the checkbox by Web Sharing
    2. To check your Apache install
      You might like this post about how to create a quick document for testing.
    3. Editing Apache Virtual Hosts
      Paul Kukiel shares how to
    4. Turning on PHP
    5. Loading MySQL
      Before you rebuild MySQL, double check your processor speed. If you upgraded to Snow Leopard from an older install on an older PPC or Intel Mac, be sure to know which processor type you need to build MySQL for. These instructions are for my Generation 5 Macbook Pro, not one of the brand new 64-bit models. Download the installer from MySQL.com. Then follow this post that shows how to build MySQL from source.
    6. Loading phpMyAdmin
    7. Using Terminal

    I found this post useful. Here is another similar post.

  • Apple.com is Great but Lacks Support Features

    Posted on October 31st, 2009 phpguru No comments

    Apple, I love you. Your overpriced computers are so well crafted. I don’t mind (over) paying you guys every few years for a new system. My MacBook Pro serves me well.

    I was just visiting Apple Support to how to upgrade RAM on a MacBook  Pro though and found these features strangely missing.

    1) My Systems
    Let me store my info. I’m running in Bootcamp right now and there is no ‘About This Mac’. Dell.com has a nice Manage my systems admin panel.

    2) Login and Session?
    Why not let me login right on the home page? I have to find a buried link on the support page to reset my Apple ID, get to the forums… put an optional website widget everywhere that tracks my forum posts, alerts me of updates.

    3) Let me edit my iTunes playlist?
    Sure would be nice to be able to add songs I have streaming on a radio station, running in Safari on Bootcamp, or from my iPhone.

    4) Google voice/wave type interface?

  • Club Mac Adds Me To Their Test Email List

    Posted on July 6th, 2009 phpguru No comments

    I recently received yet another ClubMac promotional email. I usually don’t mind them. The creative and graphics are pretty good.

    But the last two were from test.



    At first, I didn’t think much of it, but now I’m wondering whether it’s a secret marketing gimmick, if I’m about to receive an apology email about a glitch in the emarketing department, or (here’s an idea for you) send me an email about ‘secret plan’ to ‘reward our best customers’ through a unique and clever advertising concept. I’m the winner, right? I discovered the Easter Egg for the 8 Core, 32GB of RAM Maxed out G5 System with Two 30″ Cinema Displays? That’s fantastic news! I could really use a new box!

    Wait, Let’s check out their site and see how much that baby is running these days…


    Duh! Do these guys need a CNAME or what?! Oh wait, does this DNS error qualify me to receive the Canon HD Digital Camera with Final Cut Pro HD premium prize?

    Well let’s try the www version of the domain name.

    Yep that works.

    So I Click to Systems and then the Image of

    the most expensive computer on earth, a Mac Pro 8 Core.


    Cannot find item: 7371957. Gotcha, maybe ClubMac’s  asp application can’t FindTheBiggestTicketItem.DLL.

    Am I the only one who finds this funny?