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  • Git Resources for Subversion Users

    Posted on June 11th, 2011 phpguru No comments

    I’ve been using Subversion for years, but lately I’ve been thinking it’s time to get into Git more. Plus, A lot of new GUI tools are out there and some of the older ones are still there, too, so maybe Git has matured enough for production use.

    Why would I want to use Git?
    Flavio sums it up quite nicely:

    What’re the advantages?
    Since Git is a distributed revision control system (while svn is a centralized one) you can perform commits, branches, merges… on your local working directory without being connected to internet. Next time you’ll be online, you will be able to “push” your changes back to the central svn server.

    In a tech video from Facebook, one of the things they mention is that their developers us Git on local workstations for managing changes, and Facebook overall uses Subversion for managing the source tree centrally. I thought it was interesting that Facebook, one of the most advanced, largest and high-powered software applications on the planet, uses both Git and Subversion. Here’s an article about Using Git and Subversion Together.

    I’ll be posting links to the resources I find here.

    Three Part Intro to Git Series

    1-2 hours • First, take the Git Crash Course.

    2-4 hours • Next, read Git for Subversion Users, Part I and Git for Subversion Users, Part 2. These two articles at IBM.com give you a really good overview of the main differences between Subversion and Git.

    4-6 hours • Finally, you should read Pro Git. This is an awesome free online book about Git.

    After you complete these you should be a total Git.