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  • Club Mac Adds Me To Their Test Email List

    Posted on July 6th, 2009 phpguru No comments

    I recently received yet another ClubMac promotional email. I usually don’t mind them. The creative and graphics are pretty good.

    But the last two were from test.



    At first, I didn’t think much of it, but now I’m wondering whether it’s a secret marketing gimmick, if I’m about to receive an apology email about a glitch in the emarketing department, or (here’s an idea for you) send me an email about ‘secret plan’ to ‘reward our best customers’ through a unique and clever advertising concept. I’m the winner, right? I discovered the Easter Egg for the 8 Core, 32GB of RAM Maxed out G5 System with Two 30″ Cinema Displays? That’s fantastic news! I could really use a new box!

    Wait, Let’s check out their site and see how much that baby is running these days…


    Duh! Do these guys need a CNAME or what?! Oh wait, does this DNS error qualify me to receive the Canon HD Digital Camera with Final Cut Pro HD premium prize?

    Well let’s try the www version of the domain name.

    Yep that works.

    So I Click to Systems and then the Image of

    the most expensive computer on earth, a Mac Pro 8 Core.


    Cannot find item: 7371957. Gotcha, maybe ClubMac’s  asp application can’t FindTheBiggestTicketItem.DLL.

    Am I the only one who finds this funny?